Being a member of AKTUR family is a privilege

AKTUR’s employees are members of a whole characterized by youth, dynamism, entrepreneurship, passion, effective use of technology, respect for ethics, focus on human and customers, an eye for leadership in every domain of life, as well as pride in the privilege of being a member of AKTUR family.

The Key to AKTUR’s smart solutions lies in qualified and satisfied human resources

Firm in its belief that the sustainability of organizations should be based on intellectual capital comprising talented, committed and happy employees, AKTUR, in line with its perspective focused on human resources, at all times keeps investment in human in the lead.

Our hiring process aim to ensure the placement of best talents to embrace the corporate culture and values of AKTUR and the applicable position, and to contribute to happiness and future of the organization.

Hiring Process

The applicants are interviewed with reference to their qualifications. Thereafter, personality inventory, foreign language proficiency exam, and general skills tests are applied in accordance with the position involved. The candidates which are found acceptable in this process are then directed to the second interview, with the director of the relevant department.

All applications made to AKTUR are registered in the company database.

Join AKTUR Family

All applications to join AKTUR family are received through the application form.

Evaluation Process

The Hiring Team then offers the job to the candidate found acceptable in the evaluation and interviews.

At AKTUR, the objective is to ensure continuous development of both the organization, and the employees. “Talent Development” and “Leadership Development” programs offer a route for our employees within or outside the country, to change their career tracks or to get promotions. For this purpose, the positions made available are offered first through internal job postings.

Performance Management

Performance management process comprises 3 steps:

  • Target Setting: In the beginning of each year, the targets of the organization for the year are set. Thereafter, each employee sets his/her own targets in parallel to the organization’s targets, through top-bottom agreement process in each business unit.
  • Interim Assessment: In the middle of the year, actual performance is assessed in the light of the targets set in the beginning of the year, with a view to monitoring the performance and taking necessary action.
  • End of Year Assessment: At the end of year, the process is concluded through an assessment of the targets set and qualifications involved, and by taking required actions.
Career Management

The outputs of the performance assessment system, alongside the training requirements, results of trainings, and the rate of meeting the requirements of the position are taken into consideration when setting the career track of the employee. The employees who achieve strong results on all these criteria, on the other hand, are enrolled in the talent development program, and proceed towards becoming future managers of AKTUR.

Training and Development

AKTUR believes that the presence of a training and development procedure to allow employees learn, try, and improve continuously is a crucial element in the growth and progress of the organization. The training activities are planned on the basis of the convergence of the field of activities and priorities of the organization, and the needs of the employee.

All employees are provided equal opportunities and resources for development.