AKTUR which is founded in 1994produces solution with both its own fleet and its solution partners on the market to make its customers happy in a wide range from the final product the consumers buys,raw material bulk cargo to liquid and from the cold chain to ore products to sensitive handling.

Being among the leading companies of the industry in the international freight business,AKTUR is progressing to the future with the sense of hard working ,stable and orderly growing strategy not only with carrying cargoes but with the consciousness of holding reliability as well.

AKTUR provides its customers with integrated structure of services by offering them land , sea, air , rail transportation , warehouse management , customs clearance and international trade solutions.

With the strong technological infrastructure and communication network and environmentally sensitive green logistics concept and service understanding, AKTUR has accomplished its structuring in many regions,particularly Europe and the Middle East and continuing its development.

As a company strictly bound to continuous development,honesty and dignity principles and aiming at providing its customers with the best services , AKTUR is carrying out partial and complete product transport operations across Europe and Middle East countries with 50 owned refrigerated box-type semitrailers, 50 tilt vehicles and in collaboration with its solutions partners by 1300 vehicle fleet and with its environmental awareness , it uses Euro 5 and Euro 6 emission value vehicles by reducing emission values to the lowest limits and feels the right pride of being an environmental friendly carrier