Wide Range of Warehousing Services

The major solutions provided by the Warehouse Management Service Unit include; bonded warehouse management, distribution center, production logistics, cross-docking, value added services, and return management.

Customers from various sectors are served under a single umbrella at shared warehouses. AKTUR answers various requests of its customers with its staff equipped with sector-based know-how, and synergy as well as cost and operational flexibility achieved in terms of resource utilization through shared warehouses. Order management, inventory management, and vendor management services are offered at AKTUR Distribution Centers.

Fast and Efficient Bonded Warehouse Solutions

AKTUR basically offers two distinct services with its bonded warehouses at various locations, operating with connection to a lot customs. These services include warehousing during the customs procedures of the products received from abroad, and order preparation and shipment of the products for transit trade, in line with the requests of the customer.

Modern Cross-Docking Services Offering Lower Costs

The conventional logistics methods entail separate shipment planning for each outlet of different suppliers. Modern cross-docking operations, on the other hand, the production of all suppliers are brought together at a central location, and sorted there for delivery to outlets with the lowest possible transportation cost. Thanks to fast cross-docking services AKTUR provides to its customers, the products are sorted to ensure the fastest delivery times to outlets, and availability costs are thus minimized. AKTUR’s substantial success in sorting ensures the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Comprehensive Return Management Applications

Return management included in the reverse logistics service structure is provided by the Contract Logistics Service Unit. Within the framework of return management, the acceptance, handling and sorting, quality control of the returns delivered to AKTUR’s warehouses, the return of the acceptable ones to the inventory, and destruction of required ones in accordance with disposal procedures.