AKTUR helps to lower product costs through successful warehouse management application

Warehouse Management has the largest share among all the logistics activities. There are crucial factors in play for reducing logistics costs,  and these entail a successful warehouse management, feeding the sales points at planned times and a high level of accuracy in preparing inventory and orders.

Low Cost Warehouse Management with Positive Approach

AKTUR is engaged in research and development for lowering resource utilization through redesigning the processes by employing its technical know-how and experience. Increasing, by the use of IT infrastructure, the number of variables under its control and considering its human resources as a qualified resource that controls and improves the automation system designs, rather than a raw labor force in the field, AKTUR strives, with control systems offering perfect efficiency in collecting inventories and orders as well as distribution, to minimize relative losses which may arise due to lost sales, rather than to minimize all resource consumption within the framework of warehouse management. In this respect, AKTUR demonstrates a high level approach based on end-user satisfaction cost.

AKTUR does not evaluate warehousing strategy solely on the basis of input cost but rather offers customized solutions for its customers based on consumer evaluations and works hard to become a business partner for its customers, ultimately contributing to their brand values.

AKTUR identifies the problems, expectations, and logistics needs of customers, providing tailor-made solutions to add value to their businesses. In order to provide its customers from all sectors higher quality and more robust solutions, which also provide cost benefits, AKTUR watches closely any developments in warehousing technologies, adapting applicable automation solutions to its existing processes.

Busy warehouse
Efficiency Project Management trought Experience

AKTUR employs a “Business Development” team specialized in project management, with the aim of timely and issue-free realization of designed solutions within budgetary limits. The members of this team managed from the headquarters are specialized in specific industries, and work at relevant facilities. Hence, business development specialists have a command over the operation, adapting the design to the field and continuously improving the efficiency and quality of the process.

Performance Metrics and Indicators

By establishing standard performance metrics, AKTUR monitors performance over online software, and discloses to its customers the data obtained thus, through a transparent system.


Quality Systems

In line with the principles of ISO 9001:2000, AKTUR’s quality perspective is based on customer-focus, pluralist participation, and continuous improvement.


The establishment of standards to improve service quality is a necessity even though customized solutions lead to differences in practice. At AKTUR, standardization perspective is established within the framework of project management, and executed by the Business Development and Management Systems Team. This team ensures that any good practice implemented locally in any project is disseminated to all other projects, achieving both standardization, and the accumulation and dissemination of information and experience.

Detailed Project Definition

AKTUR considers project management as the basic unit of organization in its business, and plans and executes each solution offered for its customers as a separate project. Detailed items carefully planned within the project include the scope, aims, targets, success criteria and responsibilities of the project. Sources are managed in the most effective way in order to reach the previously defined targets in accordance with the cost and time criteria. Performance management allows control over processes during the execution of the project. A “special team” supervising the project on behalf of the customer allows identification of potential risks and opportunities in advance. The project team increases the efficiency and quality of processes through continuous improvements.

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Innovative and Alternative Solutions

AKTUR starts with the analysis of existing processes in its quest to offer its customers innovative solutions or improving supply chain processes. Mapping of the existing state of affairs as well as the efficiency and cost analyses are carried out within this framework. Informing its business partners taking part in various capacities throughout the supply chain about actual and potential problems, AKTUR identifies aspects of processes which have room for improvement, and comes up with applicable, innovative, and alternative solutions.

Well Structured Solutions

As an expert also in the implementation of designs, AKTUR provides coordination between relevant units, and ensures full and on-time activation of the system. The intermingling as key users, of staff of the process owner group with the project group during the implementation stage ensures healthy and issue-free activation of the solution.

AKTUR’s Business and Process Development Team Provides the Best Solutions

In an era where operation styles and technology changes continuously, there can be no sui generis solutions or developments. AKTUR’s Business and Process Development Team, by internalizing this attitude, is at all times looking for sustainable improvement opportunities.