Green Logistics

AKTUR is aware that protecting the nature and the environment is among its most fundamental and vital duties.
Therefore, AKTUR has adopted the motto “logistics for a better world” for its business operations. This motto is an indication of how AKTUR places importance on developing environmental awareness. In that respect, it is extremely attentive to the issue of Green Logistics which covers the industry’s environmental implementations.

Protecting the environment is among the most significant coporate values of AKTUR

While it gives support to any effort to raise the public awareness in the nature and the environment, it ensures that environmental risks that may occur during its operations are identified and eliminated in accordance with the legal legislation.

AKTUR works for a more livable world…

In the world where natural resources are getting exhausted, living spaces are already limited and the harm given by human being to the nature is incrementally increasing every day, AKTUR strives to organize its processes with environmental awareness, to develop awareness in its employees, and to support civil society organizations working to protect wild life with a belief that companies need to play their roles well in the way to leave a better world to future generations…