When the question is customs clearance, AKTUR is known as one of the pioneering actors in its sector, for developing the most appropriate solutions by analyzing the needs of its customer as diligently as possible, thanks to its corporate experience and expertise and customer-oriented approach.

Thanks to its external operations staff at all customs, and courier operations to achieve the fastest flow of documents, AKTUR ensures that the customs procedures are concluded as fast as possible and without any issues.

Using the flexible and innovative software developed in-house, AKTUR ensures that the declarations for all cargoes brought in via any mode of transportation is prepared in the shortest possible time frame and with ease. Thanks to an infrastructure to ensure electronic flow of data even when the cargoes are still en route, the customer representatives are supported in completing preliminary preparations, requirements stipulated on regulations on the basis of tariffs are determined, and the customers are offered direction as soon as possible. Hence potential problems are prevented before occurrence.

Thanks to its flexible software infrastructure, AKTUR ensures the procedures within the customs process to be completed as quickly as possible, by minimizing the need for human intervention and errors, within the framework of overcoming all issues and completing all procedures. Furthermore, it offers a dynamic and transparent structure by sharing on the internet information about all stages of the procedures.

System Infrastructure

The infrastructure enables quick preparation of customs documents, thanks to the flexible software able to communicate with all kinds of databases.

The EDI interface with the customs system allows the data transfers to the customs system. The system allows electronic transfer of all freight, customs, and storage cost items to arise in relation to closed declarations, and enables online exportation of the relevant data to the accounting records of the customer. This is achieved with the help of software that can integrate with all kinds of software used by the customers.

This, in turn, leads to savings of resources used for relevant accounting records.

Advanced Reporting System for Customs Clearance Processes

Thanks to advanced IT technologies employed by AKTUR, flexible reporting modules are created as demanded, and in line with expectations of customers.


Applicable rates in the customs tariffs are determined by reviewing the specifications of the products subject to foreign trade regulations.

Permits and Foreign Trade Consultancy

AKTUR ensures that all necessary permit and license certificate procedures are completed with reference to foreign trade processes.

Customers are informed about relevant regulations with online publication of clear, comprehensible, and up to date information about the changing provisions of regulations and their applications.