Special Solutions in the field for each point  and process required

Aiming to become the logistics partner of the industry, AKTUR, with an experienced team of specialists and a reliable and strong network of partners, formulates and implements scenarios in line with the needs of its customers. Its transparent pricing policy allows traceable costs, and produces solutions as per the needs of the customers.

Sector – specific solutions

AKTUR’s team of Project Shipping experts come up with innovative and custom solutions for the customers, formulate business plans, and develop and implement resource management strategies. AKTUR offers sector-specific project management, thanks to its expertise regarding energy, industry, construction, gas and mining sectors.

Services offered within the framework of project shipping:
  • Project shipping and scenario management
  • Assistance regarding foreign trade and regulations
  • Local information
  • Multimodal – Combined, Heavy Cargo solutions
  • Warehousing and transfer solutions
  • Lashing, material fixing and packaging
  • Order tracking (order monitoring)
  • Crane, survey and commodity insurance
  • Document flow (post delivery), CMR and FBL
  • Route survey
Custom transportation solutions in project shipping

Taking into account criteria such as transit time, product characteristics, departure and arrival locations, AKTUR offers its customers the best road, sea, or intermodal transportation options. Within the framework of project shipping, AKTUR also executes port operations as well as crane arrangements.

Sea transportation

Finding the best vessel for the cargo (heavy lift, charter vessels), and reservation of the vessel.

Road transportation

Low-bed vehicles organized in accordance with the scope of project shipping transportation allowing reliable, fast and problem-free transportation.


Taking climate and geography into account, AKTUR plans routes and logistics scenarios, and offers intermodal transportation services in line with the requirements of the customer.

Online Tracking and Information in Project Shipping

All customers receive regular email updates about the status of their products in transportation. Including third party business partners such as account managers, business partners of customers may also receive updated departure and arrival information upon request.


The advantages it offers to its customers:
  • Real-time tracking of vehicles and cargoes on the map,
  • Reception of estimated drive times and mileage information,
  • Locating AKTUR offices and agencies which serve to AKTUR customers, as well as the customers and suppliers on the map,
  • Access to order and time based analysis and reports in connection with orders, customization of these per customer and supplier,
  • Monitoring of the status of all orders.