Intermodal transportation entails the transportation of a cargo to more than one location, using more than one model of transportation, without any alteration of the product at the times of transfers from one means of transportation to another. Within the framework of intermodal transportation, special trailers that allow the transfer of products from one model of transportation to another without leaving the original trailer are used.


Low-Cost , On-Time , and Enviroment-Friendly

AKTUR uses intermodal transportation with the aim of transporting cargoes from one location to another, in a most effective, punctual, affordable, and environment-friendly manner. AKTUR uses transportation models used in intermodal transportation, such as trucks, trains, cargo ships, and airplanes.

Intermodal Experience

By ensuring the efficiency of a model dependent on another, and by offering road-railway, maritime-railway, air-maritime services, AKTUR removes the shroud of mystery on intermodal transportation.

  • Premium and guaranteed intermodal services are offered for time-sensitive cargoes.
  • For commodities with lower value, value pricing is on offer on the basis of various equipment types and service options.
  • Flexibility of equipments allow customers to choose the most suitable option for the cargo: Numerous options are on offer including 20′, 40′, 45′ containers and trailers; high-cube containers and 13.60 trailers.
  • Contracts with select Drayage providers ensure on-time picking and delivery.
  • AKTUR’s technology quadro automatically tracks customers’ shipments in order to provide information about current location and status over e-mail, facsimile, or secure internet access.
  • Moreover, experienced service personnel carefully manages each consignment, in order to provide consistent and reliable performance the customers need for their transportation program.

In a world where natural resources rapidly consumed, Intermodal Transportation is a preferential transportation solution with its low CO2 and particle emission rates as well as its fuel savings.

The advantages of our customers with intermodal transportation are:

  • The change of route and less usage of highways
  • The reduction in CO2 emission, diesel consumption and noise pollution
  • More reliable delivery for customers
  • Being not affected from the possible traffic and customs processes on the highway
  • Creation of simpler processes, easier decision making with the help of the fixed departure schedules on the system
  • Higher service quality standardization
  • Easier service and planning for larger scale projects