AKTUR renders partial and complete road transportation services between Turkey and all European countries, as a forwarder with one of the largest vehicle fleets in Turkey and Europe.


Transparent , High Quality & Reliable Service at Any Point

AKTUR offers transparent, high quality and reliable services with its large service network, global network of agencies, operational and industrial expertise, customer oriented solution, its forwarding capacity and modern vehicle fleet, and last but not least, its staff who has adopted concrete customer relations concept. Continuously improved order management systems provide efficiency during operations management, while the customers are offered traceability, simplified tracking, and transparency in terms of services.


Time Saving Service

In order to provide for the customers’ needs and expectations in a timely manner, AKTUR offers special lead time for customer’s special freights with its speedy vehicle services. AKTUR provides faster and cheaper service with 4 tonnes per vehicle capacity without having to rent a vehicle completely. With this service, AKTUR enables its customers to obtain the advantages of airfreight.


Multidude of Transportation Models By AKTUR

AKTUR makes use of various transportation models including road, RoRo-road, and intermodal transportation, in the light of criteria such as the transit period, tonnage, and the characteristics of the product.



Road is a plain model of transportation. It is based on the transportation of products from Turkey to AKTUR consolidation centers via highways, and delivery, again via highways, from these centers to destinations.

In the same manner, the importation of goods and commodities entails transportation into consolidation centers via highways from all over Europe and consolidation in those centers for further transportation and delivery via highways to relevant destinations in Turkey.

RoRo – Road

This model makes use of two different mode of transportation, maritime and road. Due to tonnage limitations imposed in European highways, this model serves as an alternative for particularly high tonnage products. The system is based on the transportation of products from Istanbul, Izmir, and Mersin Ports to the Port of Trieste via Ro-Ro, and delivery from Trieste to relevant destinations, via highways.

In case of imports, the products are brought via highways to the Port of Trieste, and consolidated there. Then they are transported to target ports via Ro-Ro.


Intermodal is a transportation model wherein three distinct means of transportation is used; namely maritime, railway, and road transportation. The system is based on the transportation of products from Istanbul, Izmir, and Mersin Ports to the Port of Trieste via Ro-Ro; from Trieste to Ludwigshafen or Cologne via railways; and delivery from Ludwigshafen to relevant destinations, via roads.

In case of imports, the products are brought via roads to Ludwigshafen or Cologne and consolidated there for transportation to the Port of Trieste via railways; and then brought into Turkish ports via AKTUR Ro-Ro Vessels.

Temperature Controlled Transportation

AKTUR also offers excellent service to its customers in the field of temperature controlled transportation with refrigerated vehicles included in its fleet.
AKTUR successfully performs food logistics activities by means of those vehicles which have the capacity to carry -20/+20 centigrade degree frozen foods, vegetables and fruits.

AKTUR provides services to very distinct industries with its curtain sided, double-deck, hanger, insulated, and special brake system equipped vehicles for different transportation functions. In addition to all necessary safety equipments, all vehicles are equipped with dynafleet and fleetboard systems which allow real-time monitoring and tracking.

AKTUR Fleet Management is guided with the principle of efficient use of resources with respect to centralized selection, route determination and tracking of the vehicles for use in the transportation of products.

As of 2014, the AKTUR fleet is composed of 800 trucks, most of which are Volvo and Mercedes trucks. The average age of trucks is 3 years, and the fleet is compliant with EURO 5 and EURO 6 exhaust norms.


Environmental Impact

EURO emission norms define the maximum level of pollutants to be emitted by an engine for each unit of power produced. The vehicle producers develop various technologies to ensure that exhaust emissions of the vehicles they produce comply with EURO norms. This leads to an environment friendly solution through more powerful and improved engines. With a view to protecting the environment, AKTUR considers it crucial to use a fleet with low exhaust emissions. Its truck fleet compliant with EURO 5 and EURO 6 norms is the proof of this stance.

Freight Security

All trailers in AKTUR’s fleet are compliant with EN 12642 – EN 12642-XL standards. These standards regarding cargo safety define the minimum body structure requirements applicable to road transportation vehicles. AKTUR underlines the importance it attaches to cargo safety by choosing trailers compliant with standards EN 12642 for box containers, and EN 12642-XL for curtain sided trailers.

In addition, the vehicles are equipped with strainer bands, strainer irons, friction reducing mats, angle brackets, and ADR equipment for flammable cargoes. All drivers are licensed to carry flammable cargoes.

Driver Trainings

AKTUR believes that smart solutions for its customers can be achieved and implemented through qualified human resources; hence the continuous investment in this area. AKTUR Academy was established with this purpose continuously provides the drivers with trainings in order to maintain quality and standardized service perspective in road transportation solutions.

Within the framework of the training process they enroll into since day one of their employment at AKTUR, the drivers regularly receive trainings such as safe and economic driving and defensive driving techniques on a heavy vehicle simulator, as well as other vocational trainings, on-the-job trainings, and trainings on cargo safety.

Cargo Tracking and Monitoring System
  • Real-time vehicle and cargo tracking on map,
  • Estimated driving times and distance details,
  • AKTUR’s or the cooperated agents’ as well as the customer’s and suppliers’ locations displayed on the map,
  • Access to orders and time-based analyses and reports regarding all orders (these can be customized per customer and/or supplier),
  • Status monitoring for any order

All customers regularly receive email updates about the status of their products. Business partners of AKTUR customers, including third party business partners such as account managers, may also be sent updated departure/arrival information upon request.